Important - the information contained in this part of the site does NOT override the scheme regulations or any related legislation. The information is intended to assist employers and scheme managers in the implementation and running of the LGPS 2014 however it cannot be taken as a definitive legal interpretation of legislation. No responsibility will be assumed by the authors of the site for any direct or consequential loss, financial or otherwise, damage or inconvenience, or any other obligation or liability incurred by readers relying on information contained in this area of the site.

This section is the home for guides relating to the LGPS. Within this section are the following sub-sections:

Scheme Advisory Board Guidance

Guidance issued by the Scheme Advisory Board in respect of the LGPS.

HR Guide to the 2014 Scheme

Guide for employer HR sections on the 2014 Scheme.

Payroll Guide to the 2014 Scheme

Guide for employer payroll sections and payroll software suppliers on the 2014 Scheme.

Administration Guides to the 2014 Scheme

Topic based guides for LGPS administrators.

Employees' Guides

Guides aimed at LGPS members and prospective members.


Sample forms for use by administering authorities where a member wishes to elect to to join the 50/50 section from the main section of the Scheme and vice versa.