The below table contains minutes of Technical Group meetings that have taken place since April 2014. Minutes of earlier Technical Group meetings are available upon request from the LGA pensions team.


Agenda items included


9th December 2016 AVCs and Freedom and Choice, appointment of new chair, voluntary scheme pays, DB into payment on ill health,

PDF (24 pages, 579kb)

16th September 2016 Transfers following change to SCAPE rate, 95k cap, DB into payment on ill health, reporting breaches of the law, address tracing

PDF (20 pages, 550kb)

10th June 2016 Transfers, SAB representative, DB into payment on ill health, negative revaluation

PDF (5 pages, 439kb)

Appendix A (11 pages, 265kb)

18th March 2016 GMP Indexation and Treasury Guidance, GMP reconciliation, Transfers

PDF (3 pages, 291kb)

Appendix A (10 pages, 334kb)

11th December 2015 Alignment of pension input periods, Tell Us Once, Contracting out and State Pension changes, Appointment of deputy Chairman PDF (3 pages, 208kb)
11th September 2015 Freedom and Choice, Aligning input periods with the tax year, GMP reconciliation, Consultation on pension tax relief, Exit cap, Pooling of investments PDF (5 pages, 192kb)
5th June 2015 Tell us Once, GMP reconciliation, AVC issues, APC contracts, Freedom and Choice PDF (12 pages, 232kb)
13th March 2015 Tell us Once, New DC arrangements from April 2015, Club transfer arrangements, Transfers for 'old folks' PDF (4 pages, 182kb)
12th December 2014 Orphaned AVCs, Additional Pensions Contracts, Public sector pensions forum, Tell us Once, Death grants, Councillors' pensions PDF (20 pages, 463kb)
19th September 2014 Councillors' pensions, Term time working, LGPS NI Database, PDF (6 pages, 166kb)
13th June 2014 Tell us Once, Active data sharing for LGPS, Aggregation, AVCs, Trivial commutation, Perspective PDF (19 pages, 1,313kb)