Please note - This is the temporary home for Scottish LGPS 2015 Scheme information whilst the full LGPS 2015 Regulations and Guidance site is developed. The full site will be made available when finalised.

Within this section are the following sub-sections:

Regulations & Legislation

Regulation and legislation which relates to the 2015 Scheme.

Statutory Guidance

Statutory Guidance issued by the Scottish Government in respect of LGPS 2015. Includes actuarial guidance relating to the 2015 Scheme.

Other Guidance

Other Guidance issued by Government which relates to the LGPS.

HR & Payroll Guides

Guides for employers' HR and Payroll sections in implementing the 2015 Scheme reforms.

Administration Guides

Topic based guides for LGPS administrators.

Employees' Guides

Guides aimed at LGPS members and prospective members.

Councillors' Guides

Guides aimed at LGPS councillor members and prospective councillor members.


Sample forms for use by administering authorities where a member wishes to elect to to join the 50/50 section from the main section of the Scheme and vice versa.

APC Calculator Code

Code for the APC calculator for those wishing to amend this for their own usage or wishing to host the modeller on an alternative website.

SPPA Circulars

Circulars issued by the SPPA that relate to the LGPS.