System requirements

Web server running PHP version 5.4 or above is required. The modeller has been tested in Chrome, IE 8 and 9

External libraries

The modeller uses the MPDF library to create the PDF T&C and Application forms on the fly. This can be downloaded from .The folder containing the library must be at the same level as the css and image folders for the modeller.

The modeller uses the leanModal jscript to generate the help windows. This can be downloaded from .The folder containing the script must be placed at the same level as the css and image folders.


Current release - 3rd May 2016: (1,000kb)

Updates made in the current release

    • Lump sum (below NPA) factors updated to include the new such factors issued by SPPA in April 2016.
    • The code now refers to a new version of the MPDF library referred to above (version 6.0).
    • Extra pension T&Cs updated to a) link to the LGPC's annual allowance and lifetime allowance factsheets, and b) to update the links to the HMRC webpages on recycling.

Previous releases

Update of 24th June 2015

The code was updated on 24th June 2015 to incorporate an updated version of the lost pension terms and conditions. A tracked changes version of the updated lost pension T&Cs is available here.

Original version

The APC calculator was launched on 11th May 2015. Release: (411kb)

Please note that a minor update to this release was made on 15th June 2015 to correct an error in the background factors. The above download has been corrected accordingly.