National LGPS Technical Group minutes

The National LGPS Technical Group's functions include advising administering authorities on the interpretation of legislation and representing the views of administering authorities in recommending changes to Scheme regulations. The terms of reference were last approved on 8 March 2019.

2022 meetings will take place on 17 June, 2 September and 9 December 2022.

On this page you can read minutes of the meetings that have taken place since April 2014 and read the latest:

  • recommendations on changes in the LGPS regulations made by the National LGPS Technical Group to the Scheme Advisory Board (E&W)
  • agreements made by the National LGPS Technical Group, including recommendations to administering authorities on interpretation of legislation
  • technical queries raised with MHCLG by the Local Government Association.
  • group membership nominated by regional pension officer groups.

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