Legal opinions

Legal opinions obtained by the LGPC Secretariat having relevance to the LGPS in England and Wales. The documents contained on this page are based on the authors' understanding of the law at the time of writing and do not necessarily represent the authors' current understanding.

Please also note that these opinions have been provided to the Local Government Association directly and other parties may wish to take their own advice before taking any action or making any decision in respect of the questions covered by the opinions.

September 2021 Distribution of death grant - disclosure of information PDF
July 2020 The data protection issues associated with the McCloud data collection exercise PDF
September 2019 Potential transfer of Equitable Life's business to Utmost Life and Pensions - considerations for LGPS administering authorities PDF
October 2017 The implications of GDPR for the LGPS PDF
October 2017 Whether assistant coroners are eligible for membership of the LGPS in England and Wales. PDF
Additional note
October 2016 Whether there is a requirement for LGPS administering authorities to be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) PDF
July 2015 Power of councils to provide pensions to elected members PDF
July 2015 Status of Further Education Corporations (FECs), Sixth Form College Corporations (SFCCs) and Higher Education Corporations (HECs) in the LGPS PDF
July 2011 Guidance concerning admission bodies and resolution / designation bodies who seek to close access to the LGPS PDF