Timeline LGPS Regulations 2013 - SI2019-1351


NOTE - This version includes all amendments to the LGPS Regulations 2013 up to and including the amendments made through Statutory Instrument 2019 No. 1351.

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2013 No. 2356 [As last amended by SI 2019 No. 1351]


The Local Government Pension Scheme Regulations 2013

Made ---- 12th September 2013

Laid before Parliament 19th September 2013

Coming into force in accordance with regulation 1

These Regulations are made in exercise of the powers conferred by sections 7 and 12 of, and Schedule 3 to the Superannuation Act 1972 .

In accordance with section 7(5) of that Act, the Secretary of State consulted such associations of local authorities as appeared to the Secretary of State to be concerned; the local authorities with whom consultation appeared to the Secretary of State to be desirable; and such representatives of other persons likely to be affected by the Regulations as appeared to the Secretary of State to be appropriate.

The Secretary of State makes the following Regulations:


Membership, contributions and benefits

Preliminary Provisions

1. Citation, commencement and extent

2. Introductory


3. Active membership
3A. Civil servants etc engaged in probation provision
4. Restriction on eligibility for active membership
5. Ending active membership
6. Deferred and deferred pensioner members
7. Pensioner members
8. Pension credit and survivor members


9. Contributions
10. Temporary reduction in contributions
11. Contributions during absence from work
12. Contributions during child-related leave

13. Contributions during reserve forces service leave

14. Contributions during absence for illness etc

15. Employer contributions during absences
16. Additional pension contributions

17. Additional voluntary contributions
18. Rights to return of contributions
19. Exclusion of rights to return of contributions
20. Meaning of pensionable pay
21. Assumed pensionable pay

Pension accounts

22. Pension accounts
23. Active member's pension accounts
24. Deferred member's pension account and deferred refund account
25. Retirement pension accounts : active members
26. Retirement pension accounts : deferred, deferred pensioner and pension credit members
27. Flexible retirement pension accounts
28. Deferred pensioner member accounts
29. Pension credit accounts


30. Retirement benefits
31. Award of additional pension
32. Commencement of pensions
33. Election for lump sum instead of pension
34. Commutation and small pensions

Ill-Health Retirement

35. Early payment of retirement pension on ill-health grounds: active members
36. Role of the IRMP
37. Special provision in respect of members receiving Tier 3 benefits
38. Early payment of retirement pension on ill-health grounds: deferred and deferred pensioner members
39. Calculation of ill-health pension amounts

Survivor Benefits

40. Death grants: active members
41. Survivor benefits: partners of active members
42. Survivor benefits: children of active members
43. Death grants: deferred members, pension credit members and deferred pensioner members
44. Survivor benefits: partners of deferred members and deferred pensioner members

45. Survivor benefits: children of deferred members
46. Death grants : pensioner members
47. Survivor benefits : partners of pensioner members
48. Survivor benefits: children of pensioner members

Adjustment of benefits

49. No double entitlement
50. Limit on total amount of benefits
51. Guaranteed minimum pensions
52. Pension debits



Administering authorities

53. Scheme managers
54. Admission agreement funds
55. Administering authorities: governance compliance statement
56. Accounts and audit

Strategies, statements and reports

57. Pension fund annual report
58. Funding strategy statement
59. Pension administration strategy
60. Statements of policy about exercise of discretionary functions
61. Statements of policy concerning communications with members and Scheme employers

Actuarial valuations

62. Actuarial valuations of pension funds
63. Aggregate Scheme costs
64. Special circumstances where revised actuarial valuations and certificates must be obtained

65. Aggregate Scheme costs: revised certificates
66. Supply of copies of valuations, certificates etc


67. Employer's contributions
68. Employer's further payments
69. Payment by Scheme employers to administering authorities
70. Additional costs arising from Scheme employer's level of performance
71. Interest on late payments by Scheme employers


72. First instance decisions
73. Notification of first instance decisions
74. Applications for adjudication of disagreements
75. Decisions of the adjudicator
76. Reference of adjudications to administering authority
77. Decisions of the administering authority on reconsideration
78. Rights of representation
79. Appeals by administering authorities
80. Exchange of information
81. Interest on late payment of certain benefits
82. Payments due in respect of deceased persons
83. Payments for persons incapable of managing their affairs
84. Non-assignability
85. Deduction and recovery of member's contributions
86. Joint liability in respect of annual allowance charge
87. Tax
88. Pension increase under the Pensions Schemes Act 1993
89. Annual benefit statements
90. Information to be supplied by employees


91. Forfeiture of pension rights after conviction for employment-related offences
92. Interim payments directions
93. Recovery or retention where former member has misconduct obligation
94. Adjustment of accounts following forfeiture etc
95. Protection of guaranteed minimum pension rights


96. Rights to payment out of pension fund
97. Contracting-out requirements affecting transfers out
98. Bulk transfer (transfers of undertakings etc)
99. Calculation of amount of transfer payment
100. Inward transfers of pension rights
101. Effect of acceptance of transfer value
102. EU scheme transfers
103. Changes of administering authority
104. Change of administering authority in connection with probation service arrangements



105. Delegation
106. Local pension boards: establishment
107. Local pension boards: membership
108. Local pension boards: conflicts of interest
109. Local pension boards: guidance
110. Scheme advisory board: establishment
111. Scheme advisory board: membership
112. Scheme advisory board: conflict of interest
113. Scheme advisory board: funding
114. Scheme actuary
115. Employer cost cap
116. Scheme advisory board: additional functions

SCHEDULE 1 - Interpretation

SCHEDULE 2 - Scheme Employers




SCHEDULE 3 - Pension funds